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Are your "evolved processes" bogging down your productivity? Todd takes a look at how Process Improvements or Technology, or both, may help you turn those evolved processes into "designed processes."

Todd wraps up his discussion on reducing cycle time, improving quality, and lowering costs by discussing factors affecting the "Project Management" and "Process" triangles.

Todd continues his discussion on how you can get "Better – Cheaper – Faster" all at the same time by understanding the link between Cost, Cycle Time, and Quality.

Todd's Review of the 26th Year at Todd Herman & Associates

Todd outlines how you can get "Better – Cheaper – Faster" all at the same time, by describing a concept called "The Process Triangle."

What's the difference between "investing" and "spending"? From the perspective of current cash outlays, nothing is different – yet,taking the long view, there's a great deal of difference.

To see how these concepts played out in our project for this client, please visit Improving Pharmacists' Productivity by 400%.

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