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Situation ...

This commercial construction supplier has inside and outside sales representatives, and a highly functional business system to take and process orders, using both customer-specific and contract-specific product pricing.

Problem ...

The outside sales representatives did not have a way to access current pricing, contract pricing, pricing history, item details, or inventory availability when they met with customers or prospects. They could not quickly respond to questions, putting them at a competitive disadvantage. Furthermore, once asked to quote, the outside reps largely prepared these quotes on 2-part paper – manually accessing data in the business system, which required them to be at a branch office – then sent one copy to the prospect, and the other copy to their regional branch for filing and possible conversion to an order.

The inside sales reps service not only walk-in customers at their Contractor Sales Counters, but also take calls from the outside sales reps and convert accepted quotes into sales orders. In reviewing and keying these quotes, the inside sales reps frequently found discrepancies between quoted pricing and applicable customer or contract pricing, often resulting in gross profit percentages below standard.

Solution ...

We reviewed the processes used by the outside sales reps to prepare quotes, identified several areas to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of multiple tasks, standardized the quote process, and then designed and developed a laptop-based mobile quoting system to:

  • Import information on inventory (current cost, pricing, and availability) and customers (contact information, order history, customer pricing history, and contract pricing) from their business system nightly.
  • Allow outside sales reps to prepare quotes quickly and accurately, notifying them of items needing special handling or not meeting gross profit goals.
  • Permit internal review and approval of quotes requiring special pricing.
  • Allow sales reps to create reusable quote templates for various customers and jobs.
  • Prepare a PDF version of the quote and email it to the customer.

The software used for this project, IBM Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino, provided the strict security, disconnected usage, and ease-of-use needed by this client. Screen shot of job quote item details

Internal (includes cost and gross profit information) and external (for customers) versions of the quote can be automatically stored to PDF and emailed to the appropriate parties. Highlighting shows special handling considerations for the inventory item – blue indicates an item which freezes, and red designates a hazardous item.
"Templates" allow saving and reuse of a standard configuration of inventory items for certain types of jobs. These can either be company-wide (for example, all items for a particular contractor), or for a type of project, such as a school. When a sales representative selects an item covered by contract-specific pricing, yellow highlighting in this field indicates the contract price took precedence over the normal sales price.
When a job is awarded, and the quote needs to be updated, this button quickly refreshes all costs, prices, and other details to their current values. This button brings up the "Item Details" dialog box, as shown.
The user can select from values representing the appropriate step in the bid or quote process. Double red lines indicate a gross profit percentage significantly below the targeted level.

Results & Benefits ...

Information available to the outside sales reps is now always less than 24 hours old. Furthermore, the application identifies those outside sales reps who have not connected with the application in over 2 days and restricts their usage until their laptop has received current information.

In less than 6 months, the 20 outside sales reps have prepared over 2,100 quotes using this application, serving customers and prospects on a more timely basis. The inside sales reps can now focus on the counter sales business, and knowledgeably respond to customers of the outside sales reps whenever they call the branch directly.

Managers and executives can now assess the effectiveness and productivity of the outside sales reps, helping them identify "best practices" within the company, or highlight those reps or customers needing extra management attention.

Conclusion ...

Preparing and sending quotes to customers and prospects is now more efficient and effective. The process and technology improvements have been well-received, enabling better service to customers and prospects in the field and at the sales counter.

For More Information ...

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