You're reviewing the weekly operations report, and then it hits you – this report would be a lot more useful if it were ... comparative, to show performance against last week, this week, last year, and year-to-date for this year and last year ... graphical, to quickly and visually highlight points of interest or concern ... and dynamic, to expand or collapse detail to desired level, and to switch rows and columns. A Data Warehouse stores and summarizes all this information, and an Executive Dashboard presents the information in various formats.

Know the Signs

"It takes too long to analyze information in our system."

"I wish we could have operating statistics more readily available."

"I know the information is in our system, I just can't get it out in a way that makes sense."

"My employees are using different versions of the same information."

"My employees are interpreting information incorrectly."

Benefits of a Data Warehouse & Executive Dashboard Project

Cost Reduction – Less cost spent to prepare reports and analyses.

Concise Presentation – Information is presented in a concise manner to save time.

Identify Trends, Opportunities & Problems – Graphs help emphasize future opportunities for growth and improvement for the organization.

Consistency – Everyone is looking at the same data and interpreting it consistently.

Data Warehouse & Executive Dashboard Case Study

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Delivering Meaningful Information to Executives

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