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Improve Business

"Culture" is a Verb

Redefining "The Hottest Topic in Business Today"

Category: Leadership Relationships


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Business Book Reviews

Need more resources for growing your business? Get great business book suggestions from Todd.


Nothing Changes Until Somebody Feels Something 


Whoever Tells The Best Story Wins(June 2016)  Hugh MacLeod Of Gapingvoid Art Gave Todd Inspiration For This Summer's Book Reviews When He Said "Attach Emotion To Logic And Anything Is Possible" — A Common Thread In The Four Books Todd Reviews.





Todd describes his idea of how to develop "Free Range Staff" — Employees who can take an idea, develop and run with it with little
or no supervision — as he reviews four books he uses to teach and develop his staff.




Todd's review on books that can help you and your business see around corners better.

Breaking Up With Your Software!

Make Your Life Easier!  Say "Good-bye" to Your Over-Dependence on Spreadsheets!

Category:  Improve Business  Think Differently


Combining Force and Finesse: Case Study - Applying Technology to Reduce Unbilled Charges

Sometimes, brute force gets a job done.  Sometimes, a little finesse is all it takes.  Other times, you need to combine the two to accomplish your goal!  Take a look at this Case Study

Category:  Improve Business  Solve Problems


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