Find out ways your business can be more philanthropic along with how Todd became an advocate for ending hunger and homelessness in Guilford County.

Philanthropic Articles

The Mysterious Oneness of Being

What might physics and faith, quantum mechanics and mysticism, have in common? Surprisingly, much more than you might think ... 

On The Other Side of That Line

Todd asks, "How do your words and actions affect others? Do they ever draw a line between 'us' and 'them'?

Judge Not, Fear Not

Todd tells the story of his daughter, Morgan, and her friend, Jenna, helping out at a homeless shelter - and what they learned from that experience.

A Preferential Option for the Poor

Todd discusses how society treats the poor, hungry, and homeless, and what we can do to make a difference.

The box office hit "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" displays future struggles with hunger and poverty. Our community and country are already struggling.

Did you know that homelessness is costing you financially? Learn how to help reduce homelessness and save money.

Find out how if you hate injustice, lust and greed you must hate these in yourself first.

Who is the unreal other in our society? Find out here and how you can make them real.

How to counteract unjust choices that are out of your control.

What is the next really big idea about solving the problem of homelessness in Greensboro.

Sufficiency thinking in the other 46 weeks of the year. Help end Homelessness in the Triad this holiday season.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the large problems facing the world. Find out how one seemingly small drop in the ocean truly does make a huge impact.

What is the role of a business in responding to human need? Todd answers the ever growing question and how your business can make a difference.

"Culture" is a Verb

Redefining "The Hottest Topic in Business Today"

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Business Book Reviews

Need more resources for growing your business? Get great business book suggestions from Todd.

Leadership Lessons to Take to the Pool

Image It Doesnt Have to be Crazy at Work(June 2019) Do you believe books on leadership have to be heavy, in both tone and weight? If so, these three books should convince you otherwise.


Good Things Come in Small Packages

Putting Your Employees First(June 2018) You've likely heard the phrase "Good things come in small packages." You might also wonder "How does that apply to books?"


A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words - 2017 Summer Book Reviews

thebackofthenap (June 2017) Is a picture truly worth a thousand words? Todd's annual summer book reviews cover four books that have helped either hone thinking skills by using doodles and simple drawings, or spark ideas for improving doodles or other visuals.


Nothing Changes Until Somebody Feels Something

Whoever Tells The Best Story Wins(June 2016) Hugh MacLeod of Gapingvoid Art gave Todd inspiration for this summer's book reviews when he said "Attach emotion to logic and anything is possible" — A common thread in the four books Todd reviews.


Free Range Staff — 2015 Summer Book Reviews

Leadership and the One Minute Manager book cover(June 2015) Todd describes his idea of how to develop "Free Range Staff" — Employees who can take an idea, develop and run with it with little or no supervision — as he reviews four books he uses to teach and develop his staff.

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