Personal Development

Sometimes helping the business means helping yourself first. See below for some great articles on developing yourself inside and out.


Curious About Curiosity

I invite you to be curious for a few minutes. Are you curious as to why? GOOD!

Acting On Intuition

Have you ever sensed something is amiss, yet couldn't quite put your finger on it? What did you do?

Tips to Students Of All Ages

It's graduation season. What advice would you give to students? Do you consider yourself a student? If not, why not?

Three Cubed (27th Anniversary)

Todd Herman Associates is celebrating our 27th Anniversary!  What lessons have we learned along the way?

Nothing Changes Until Somebody Feels Something

2016 Book Reviews - "Attach emotion to logic, and anything is possible."

Life is Like High School 

Popularity versus Knowledge:  Which one will help you succeed in life?

Why to Embrace Your Constraints

How to make constraints like time, money, people or experience, your competitive advantage.

There is No "Try"

Find out why it is so important to banish the word "try" from your vocabulary.

How Top Performers Handle Irreconcilables

Are you looking for a raise or promotion? How about a high investment return or an increase in your sales? Find out how top performers do it.

What Value Do You Bring?

Are you an introvert? How can that actually be a competitive advantage in business? Find out here.

Round Tuits and Akrasia

How are you handling the Akrasia in your life?

The Efficiency of Trust

We use "trust" as a noun, but it can only be experienced as a verb...

Honesty Always Trumps Propaganda

What happened when you didn't just tell the truth and deal with the consequences? 

In Praise of Unlearning!

Find out how you have to sometimes "unlearn" in order to "learn."

There Are Teachers Everywhere

Who are your teachers? What are their lessons? 

What You Can Control Is...

Our 5th Annual Summer Book Review — Business books by Alan M. Webber, Gordon MacKenzie, M.J. Ryan, and Marshall C. Cook. 

No Guessing. No Surprises. Tell the Truth.

Why Todd makes it a priority to tell the truth and you should too.

Bridging "Creativity" and "Experiences"

How do you bridge creativity and experience? Find out how it impacts your ideas. 

Framing Your Thinking

Learn how to do a better job of framing your thinking.