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Todd HermanHow can you better manage your business? How can you better compete? How can you improve your bottom line? Todd Herman Associates works with you to clarify your question, and then design, develop, and implement a solution to meet your needs.

Our mission is to help your business — whether you are a mid-size or enterprise-level business - run more smoothly. How do we do this? By improving processes and using technology to help your people perform better, and thus deliver better business results to you.

Since 1989, Todd Herman Associates has helped our clients in the areas of Information Systems, Process Improvement, and Business Intelligence.

Whether you are looking to design specific business-related reports, find or develop software to fit your specific business model, or automate your internal processes, we are here to help. You're not sure what you need? Call us today at 336.297.4200 to talk through your ideas.

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Recent Articles by Todd

  • Leadership Lessons to Take to the Pool
    Do you believe books on leadership have to be heavy, in both tone and weight? If so, these three books should convince you otherwise.
  • Activities vs. Results
    How closely do Activities correlate with Results? What factors might affect a correlation between the two?
  • Making Excellence Automatic
    How do you develop consistently strong workplace performance in yourself or others?
  • Investing in Yourself
    Your employer is already investing in your training and development. How willing are you to invest in yourself?
  • Avoiding Burnout
    You feel like you're approaching burnout – what techniques might help avoid this?
  • Avoiding the Murky Middle
    What does “black and white” mean to you?
  • Are You Ripping, or Are You Weaving?
    What we believe influences what we do - yet do our beliefs align with those required to weave a societ aligned with God's will? 
  • Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan - and Communicate It, Too!
    You've probably heard the old saw, "Plan your work and work your plan." Sounds good - but wouldn't it be better if you communicated your plan, too? 
  • Work vs Power
    Tropical Storms Florence and Michael, while having similar rainfall, had one very significant difference. What was it, and how does it apply to business? 
  • You Can't Inventory Time
    You've heard of "time management" - but have you ever considered the issue of "inventorying time?"
  • Prime Time
    Where are you in your career or life? Have you hit your prime yet?
  • Bug Hunting
    When you come across a bug in an application, what's your reaction? Annoyance? Satisfaction? Something else?

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About Todd Herman Associates

Todd Herman Associates is a business technology consulting firm focused on non-routine technology issues such as replacing QuickBooks, getting two systems to "talk" to each other, shrinking process cycle time, and taming large volumes of data.