Reduce Quantity

Struggling to reduce inventory levels? Are there other reductions that you would like to see in your business? Read about technology solutions that can help.

Month-End Accounting Adjustments

Cost of month-end accounting adjustments

Does your accounting department need to reduce the amount of month-end accounting adjustments? Consider an application design & development project.

Solution: Application Design & Development


Shrinks in Inventory

How to handle inventory shrink

What are the real reasons behind your inventory shrink. It's probably not what you think.

Solution: Inventory Shrink Identification & Resolution



Priority Jobs Not Getting Worked On

How to manage priority jobs not getting worked on on shop floor

If your shop needs to focus on priority jobs, an application design & development project might be exactly what you are looking for.

Solution: Application Design & Development


Items in Inventory

How to reduce items in inventoryIs your inventory increasing much faster than your sales? Todd Herman Associates will have you making great decisions for your business.

Solution: Inventory Reduction Analysis