We hope you find ways to do just that, starting with taking a few minutes to understand Guilford County's Ten Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness — and Greensboro Urban Ministry's Role.

What you can do right now — Invite us to speak!

 Executive Director Mike Aiken, and I are happy to speak to your group, pretty much any day of the week and at any time — it's THAT important.

Through November 30, 2012, Mike and I have made presentations to 13 groups!

To schedule, please call either Mike or me:

  • Mike Aiken 336.553.2639

  • Todd Herman 336.297.4200 ext 11

Other ways we (and you!) can participate — Individual Contributions and Corporate Sponsorships

Greater Greensboro CROP Hunger Walk

  • CROP Hunger Walk is the name given to community-based hunger education and fundraising events sponsored by Church World Service (CWS), a relief, development, and refugee resettlement agency operating in over 80 countries. Local walkers agree to walk 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) and raise funds to fight hunger. Of the monies raised, 75% goes to international causes funded by CWS and 25% goes to Potter's House, Greensboro Ministry's community kitchen.

  • To find out more, visit GUM's web site or call the CROP Walk Coordinator, Christine Byrd, at 336.271.5959 ext 339.

Honor Cards — This holiday season, many will honor someone special with the gift of one of these beautiful cards created by William Mangum. All proceeds will go to support those in need in our community through the work of Greensboro Urban Ministry. Honor Cards can be purchased for a minimum donation of $5 each. The 2010 Honor Card raised approximately $225,000.

  • The 2011 William Mangum Holiday Honor Card is available for a minimun donation of $5 per card through area churches, Leon’s Salons, Barnes & Noble Booksellers ( Friendly Center), Scissor Talk, William Mangum Fine Art and at the Greensboro Urban Ministry office. Or, you can place an order through GUM's web site.


2012 Honor Card - The Climb

"The Climb" - 2012 Honor Card

For more information, contact:
Crystal Mercer
Tel: 336.271.5959 ext 301 or email

"Culture" is a Verb

Redefining "The Hottest Topic in Business Today"

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