You really like your current accounting system yet it stinks when it comes to tracking employee time for billing purposes. What do you do? A System Design, Development and Integration project can be as simple as designing and developing a simple web-based time tracking system, then pulling employee and project information from the accounting system to use in tracking time, and finally integrating information from the accounting and time tracking systems for reporting and recording.

Know the Signs

"My cost accountant is swamped, and he is trying to do his job with production cost reports everyone knows cannot be trusted."

"We want to track costs at the job level."

"We spend more time looking backward than looking forward."

"I wish we could tailor a system that really fits the way we do business."

"I wish we could match the technology of our BIG competitors on our SMALL budget."

"This system is nice, competitively priced, and fits about 80% of my business – I just with the fit were closer to 95%."

Benefits of a System Design & Development Project

Faster Process – Record production costs faster.

Accuracy – Better accuracy of production costs.

Save Time – Save time and spend less by re-directing time and costs to alternative high-value activities.

Better Fit – You receive a system that fits your specific needs more effectively.

Faster Access – You receive faster access to needed functions, compared to the usual development cycles.

Save Money – System Design & Development is less costly than buying an over-priced system, or developing an entire system from scratch.

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