April 2012

Todd's Results Chart and Blackberry - 2012
Learn the purpose behind the chart and the Blackberry.


Ah-Ha! Moment – My new Manager of Business Development, Skylar Mearing, started with the firm on April 10, and had the opportunity to work with Anna Santos for three full days before Anna left. Much of my time April 10 on was spent talking with them both, giving Anna a well-deserved farewell, welcoming Skylar to the firm, and then helping Skylar learn the nuances of her new position.

Sometime in late April it dawned on me – over the last three years, I've had three wonderful persons in this position, Skylar, Anna, and Carol. Reflecting on the accomplishments of each person, I realized both Carol and Anna had inherited a base set of duties, mastered those, envisioned new ideas to better market and position Todd Herman Associates (THA), created the process and technology to bring those ideas to life, and implemented them very nicely – and Skylar has already begun to do the same.

Each infused the position with her own personality and strengths, and provided the firm exactly what was needed at the time.

  • Carol brought her relationship-building strengths, and used these to begin our monthly e-newsletter and to broaden awareness of THA in the business community.
  • Anna brought her strength in getting things done and her graphics skills, and used these to improve both the production process and the look-and-feel of our e-newsletters, advertising, marketing materials, and seminars.
  • Skylar brings strengths in getting things done and strong analysis skills, and has begun to use these to look for patterns indicating opportunities for potential business.

Three fine people, having different strengths, yet all raising the bar. I couldn't ask for anything more!