One of your key processes is running on hardware and software no longer sold or even supported – and you're losing sleep about what you'd do if something broke. Furthermore, the software fit the way things were done 10 years ago, and workarounds have evolved over the years to cause a convoluted mess. We can help you – we quickly understand your "current state" and then work to flesh an improved and simplified "future state" including workflow automation, and then document all this so you can hand it off to your contract programmer.

Know the Signs

"I wish we could plan how to improve our internal processes."

"Our current process has evolved over the years and no longer makes sense - and the technology in use is no longer being supported."

"I really need to spend more time with my customers and less on administrative items."

"I really need to make it easier for my customer-facing employees to do their jobs."

Benefits of Process Simplification & Automation Projects

Reduces Wasted Time – Reduce time required to do routine processes.

Reduces Handoffs – Reduce handoffs required to do routine processes.

Improves Quality – Improves quality by requiring accurate information at every step.

Saves Money – Is cheaper because of significantly reduced numbers and associated rework.

Process Simplification & Automation Case Study

It Only Looks Easy

Editorial: Consulting – many think it's easy, but we prove that it is not the case. Consultants are trained to finding answers to the root cause. Here's how we do it.

Marking the Trail for Process and Technology Improvements

Why process and technology improvements have to happen for your business to thrive.