"Managing a system upgrade is REALLY easy – you're just going from an older version of the system to a newer one. What could go wrong?" Plenty! The longer it's been between upgrades, the harder it is. When an upgrade moves from a character-based environment to a graphical one, and also goes from an obsolete database manager to a modern SQL-based one, you can rest assured the software vendor took the opportunity to re-design their entire system. When that happens, look out – lots of other things will also change.

Know the Signs

"This is the fourth time I've postponed this system upgrade."

"I thought our college intern could manage this system upgrade project."

Benefits of a System Upgrade

Better Focus – Better focus on the issues truly relevant to the upgrade.

Faster Resolution – Faster identification, triage, and resolution of issues.

Quick Deployment – The new time saving features leads to fast deployment of your products.

System Upgrade Case Study

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