Frequently, your financial information is in a system like QuickBooks, and your operations are run by another system. You'd like to compute a statistic such as "Production Employee Cost per Machine Hours" – so you look up the cost in QuickBooks, find the machine hours from the production report, throw them into Excel, and do the calculation. Easy enough – until you want to do this routinely, or expand the number of statistics. Cross-System Report Development addresses this challenge.

Know the Signs

"I really need to develop a report pulling information from both Quickbooks and our shop floor system."

"We have employee time in our time-tracking system and project-specific purchases in QuickBooks – we need to combine information from both systems for reporting."

The Benefits of a Report Development Project

Accessibility & Presentation – Better access to, and presentation of, information.

Faster Resolutions – Faster identification and resolution of issues.

Save Time & Money – Less time and cost compared to downloading and processing information from two systems.

Report Development Case Study

Ending the Spreadsheet

Editorial: Read about how spreadsheets are wonderful tools ... except when they are not.

Managing Job Costs and Timelines

Managing job costs and timelines can be difficult with employees who already have too much on their plate. Todd Herman Associates can manage these so you don't have to.