Todd's Results Chart and BlackBerry 2008
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Ah-Ha! Moment – "The truth that everybody knows but nobody likes to acknowledge is that one high-performing employee is worth more to the business than three or four mediocre employees. ... Yet in the world of undermanagement, most managers gravitate to 'sameness' because it's easier. ... Managers often have a great deal of discretion when it comes to things like schedules, assigning tasks, setting work conditions, allocating supplies, and so on. ... So many managers simply cannot or will not dedicate the time and energy necessary to make the tough performance-based distinctions and then follow through to reward people based on what they deserve. ... If you are going to do more for those who deserve more, by definition you must do less for those who deserve less."

– Bruce Tulgan, It's Okay to Be the Boss, pages 144, 146, and 147.


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This monthly series is Todd's continuing journey of "Intentional Reality" through the process of personal accountability. What's at stake? Todd's BlackBerry.

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