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Ah-Ha! Moment – In August "Working On The People" took two distinct routes.

First, as committed in last month's Ah-Ha! Moment, I continued applying the "Formula 2+2" concepts (each person giving and receiving up to 2 compliments and 2 suggestions for improvement) by:

  • Continuing mutual "2+2" feedback sessions for 3 persons (those from the initial small group) – at least once.
  • Delivering initial "2+2" feedback sessions for the remainder of the firm.

Second, I began exploring ways to implement various individual techniques – such as "2+2" and "One Minute Manager" – within the context of an overall process. In the book Leadership and the One Minute Manager, co-authors Ken Blanchard, Patricia Zigarmi, and Drea Zigarmi describe an effective leader as one who flexibly practices four different Leadership Styles – Directing, Coaching, Supporting, and Delegating. The appropriate style is based on the person's Development Level – a function of both Competence and Commitment – in the context of a particular goal. "Situational Leadership" is what the book calls the overall context. The process comes as the leader works with the person to set the overall goal, and then shifts between the Leadership Styles as the person develops both Competence and Commitment in working to meet this goal.

Over the next several months, I will continue looking for ways to apply these concepts in an effort to increase my effectiveness with my people.


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