"Managing a system implementation is easy – the vendor gives you a checklist and schedule, and you just have to make sure you have things done by a certain date. Right?" Wrong. While the vendor will give you a checklist, it takes experience and specialized knowledge to interpret a specific task within the project's "big picture." And when your staff falls behind, who's going to handle that – and how? And when issues inevitably arise and decisions have to be made, who knows how to balance schedule, budget, and functionality? We help with this, so you can focus on your business priorities.

Know the Signs

"I really need to find someone to manage our system implementation."

"My staff and the VAR's staff are never in sync with each other – and that's frustrating to us and to the VAR."

"I thought we could manage the implementation of our new systems ourselves – we can't do both our work and the implementation tasks."

Benefits of a System Implementation Project

Lower Costs – Project overruns are minimalized.

Faster Implementation – Issues are assessed and resolved continuously throughout the implementation.

Better Coordination – Coordination efforts between you and the VAR is improved.

System Implementation Case Study

What Were They Buying?

Editorial: For a system implementation, strong project management makes the difference between successful or disastrous results. What does a good project manager really do?

Managing a Complex System Implementation Project

A complex system implementation can mean the difference between a successful launch and years of delays. If you have experienced this, you know that it can be costly. See how Todd Herman Associates handles a system implementation.