Do you know you need a new system – be it shop floors, distribution, financial, or other – yet are unsure how to go about it? Is your staff telling you how broken your current system is, yet you want a second opinion? Questions such as these are answered in a System Selection project, which focuses on determining your unique business needs and identifying appropriate systems to meet them.

Know the Signs

"I have a patchwork of systems – we spend more time fixing them than working."

"I've had it up to here with my current system – it no longer fits my business! I need help selecting something better."

Benefits of a System Selection Project

Faster Identification – Faster surfacing of needs and consensus on priorities.

Faster Process – Faster overall process to identify, evaluate, and select appropriate system.

Better Match-Up – Better matching of system functions with business needs.

Save Money – Saves money because new time-saving features are more quickly deployed.

There MUST Be a System That Already Does This ..."

Todd explains the process of finding, buying, tailoring, and integrating business software.

System Selection Case Study

The Wall of Knowledge

Editorial: Could your business use our "wall of knowledge"? Find out what it is and how it could make you have more clarity in making business decisions.

Clarifying Business Needs and Issues to Specify System Requirements

It can be difficult for businesses to clarify business needs without an objective view. We can help with that.