Access your information with powerful, yet inexpensive analysis and reporting tools, and present the results on screen in a manner allowing users to control level of detail, filtering and sorting information, and rearranging rows and columns. From some quick views of production information to a full-blown data warehouse – Online Information Presentation can be as simple or as comprehensive as you like.

Know the Signs

"It costs too much to have our system vendor write a new report."

"It takes a week and costs more than I would like to develop a new report."

"Our system vendor's programmers don't understand our business, and thus our needs and intent."

Benefits of an Online Information Presentation Project

Easily Analyze – Information starts at a high-level, and will drill down providing more detail.

Find What You Need Fast – Information can be accessed in multiple ways.

Filter & Sort – Information can be easily filtered and sorted to show only what is relevant.

Save Time & Money – Less time and cost spent on investigating an issue - more time spent resolving.

Online Information Presentation Case Study

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