April 2007

Todd's Results Chart and BlackBerry - 2007
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The Referral of a Lifetime

by Tim Templeton

Key takeaway tip – This book presents the cure for the dreaded cold call – a networking system that maximizes results based on genuine relationship techniques, such as:

  • Using your contact database to identify, monitor and reach your referral sources – because everyone you know can be a referral source, once they know what you do.
  • Ranking your contacts as A (around 10% to 12% of the total number), B (17% to 20%), and C.
  • Staying in touch consistently – monthly, quarterly, or annually – as appropriate to the relation. The Appendix lists a suggestion for each month.
  • Asking for ways you can help your referral sources, and then act on these, quickly and flawlessly. You will earn their respect – and their referrals!