"If we could pull data from these three separate systems and concisely present information to our call representatives, they would be much more efficient." That statement perfectly describes Cross-System Information Consolidation – developing an application to consolidate information from multiple systems.

Know the Signs

"It takes too long to pull together a customer composite for our account representatives."

"Our account representatives must access multiple systems to compile questions before making a call."

"Once our questions are answered, the account representatives have to go into multiple systems to fix the problems."

Benefits of a System Consolidation Project

Faster Resolutions – Account representatives enter the correction on one screen, and the system propagates this to multiple systems.

Save Time – Account representatives can view all pertinent information on a single screen.

Stronger Customer Relationship – Account representatives spend more time resolving customer issues, and resolve these more quickly.

System Consolidation Case Study

Time to Value

Editorial: Specific business process and technology improvements can make your business and more efficient. Read about how a client made this happen and saw results fast in this month's case study.

Developing and Unifying Applications to Support a Call Center

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