Your Business Wish List

Do you have a secret wish list, you would love to see fulfilled? There might be a great solution on this list you didn't think of.

Get Systems "Talking"

How to get two of your systems to "talk" and integrate

Finding it difficult for your systems to "talk" to one another?

Solution: Application Design & Development



Track Costs at Job Level

How to track your business costs at the job level

If you would like to track costs at the job level to get a better picture of where your business costs are going.

Solution: System Design & Development


Get Your Upgrade Back on Track

Failed to upgrade your system? Get back on track with this solution.

Todd Herman Associates helps businesses get their system ugrade back on track, especially when the resources aren't available internally.

Solution: System Upgrade


 New System Needs

What you must have in a new software system for your business.

Not sure what system your business needs? Don't want to waste internal resources on research? Todd Herman Associates can make objective and informed recommendations that fit your business needs.

Solution: System Selection

Finding Cost Improvement Opportunities

Where accountants can find cost improvements.

Looking for more cost improvement opportunties for your business? Find the solutions through a system information consolidation project.

Solution: System Information Consolidation


Readily Available Operating Statistics

How to get operating statistics for your businessAre you looking for more information to help make more informed business decisions?

Solution: Data Warehouse & Executive Dashboard



Plan to Improve our Processes

Improve your internal processes with a plan. Here's how.

Learn more about process simplification, especially if you are interested in improving internal business processes.

Solution: Process Simplification & Automation


Looking Forward

What a business can do to look forward, instead of backward.

Businesses who focus on looking forward, rather than back, have a huge competitive adantage. Use a system design project to put your company on that path.

Solution: System Design & Development 


Track Employee Time

How to better and more easily track your employee's time.Would you like to track employee time more easily? You could use an application design & development project.

Solution: Application Design & Development


Match Technology of Big Competitors

How to buy technology rivaling your big competitors on a small budget.

Looking to match the strength of your big competitors? Let us help wiht a system design & development project. 

Solution: System Design & Development