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May 2011

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Ah-Ha! Moment — In May, many things started to gel! My staff all rose to the challenge I had put forth in late April — to do "whatever it takes" to dramatically move forward our first major project in a new service line. These services can only be performed efficiently by extensive use of sophisticated technology, and only one of three software components had been implemented prior to May.

  • During May, a second piece of software — designed by me beginning in February, and developed by one of my staff members over four months — was completed and put to good use on two smaller projects.
  • Also during May, another staff member designed the third and final software component — and yet another staff member began developing it, to roll out in several stages beginning in late May.

Because all of us were overloaded in May, tensions within the firm were high the entire month. Yet, come early June, with the second software component completed and the first stage of the third component in use, we had met our key goals! Our people were finally able to use the long-envisioned process and technology for this service line. Everything started to gel — effort went down, effectiveness went up, and clients validated our findings. The nicest outcome? Tensions dropped back to normal levels, allowing us to better focus our time, attention, and effort.

The lesson learned? Ideas are good, but ideas are insufficient by themselves. Actions turn ideas into tangible results — and people feel good about their hard work when they see vision become reality!


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