Lite Accountability, Not Avoidance

August 2013

Todd's Results 2013
Learn the purpose behind the chart and the BlackBerry.


In August (the second month of Todd's Results Lite), I began to reallocate my time and reprioritize my tasks to better focus on developing new business while also serving clients myself. When we met to review my August results, my Accountability Partners quickly agreed I rose to the challenge of rebalancing time and tasks, while continuing towards 2013's goal of "Creating Value for Everyone."

We then moved on to some tough questions one Accountability Partner raised about a periodic internal assessment:

  • What value do we get from this assessment?
  • What can we do to elicit better feedback and improve the survey's consistency?
  • What specific actions do folks want to see to improve ratings?
  • How can we better interpret the results, and use them to take action?

Because I have had similar questions about our Quarterly Performance Plan and Review process, we folded this into our discussion, agreed on next steps, and assigned responsibility for each step.

Lesson learned? Going to a "lite" format does NOT mean avoiding substantive issues. Keep in mind – the processes we discussed in our meeting, as well as "Todd's Results Lite" itself, were developed because my Accountability Partners and I challenged the process and value of some long-standing practices. Everything "new" eventually becomes "habitual," becoming "fair game" to be challenged and changed.