Todd's Results Lite, Month One

July 2013

Todd's Results 2013
Learn the purpose behind the chart and the BlackBerry.


As I mentioned in my comments for June 2013, my Accountability Partners and I developed a "lite" version of "Todd's Results" – we agreed to informal meetings, abbreviated tasks, and revised evaluation criteria. So, beginning in July and lasting at least three months, I’ll be getting green check marks if and only if I keep things “lite" – and warned to expect yellow check marks (or worse) if I don't.

Looking back over July, I see my Accountability Partners were – as usual – correct when they said "the timing is not good for a new, higher level of accountability." I had plenty of substantive work to get done in July – so, adding higher expectations to my already full plate would have been unwise.

Lesson learned? During July, I did not have to consciously focus on taking certain actions – I had more flexibility and less need to control situations ... and nothing fell apart. Things moved forward consistently, and what I accomplished solidly contributed to 2013's overall goal of "Creating Value for Everyone." So, the first month of "Todd's Results Lite" was a success!

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This monthly series is Todd's continuing journey of "Intentional Reality" through the process of personal accountability. What's at stake? Todd's BlackBerry.

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