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2013: Communicating Value to Everyone

September 2013: Read about Todd's last accountability check-in and what he learned from the 6 year program.

August 2013: Struggling with your lite accountability plan? Find out what issues you aren't addressing.

July 2013: Struggling with your personal accountability plan? See how Todd implements a "lite" version.

June 2013: Is it okay to take a personal accountability sabbatical? Learn about Todd's new accountability conditions.

May 2013: See how Todd increased quality and value of his business meetings in only one month.

April 2013: Not getting results in your personal accountability program? Get Todd's tips on reinvigorating your accountability structure.

March 2013: Is your local site facing a tight leash from corporate? Find out why that might be costing you sales and how you can overcome it.

February 2013: See how Todd experiences innovation every day, even when lock-picking is involved.

January 2013: The rumor is finally confirmed. Todd Herman Associates is moving!

Eight Time Winner of the Apex Award for Writing Excellence!

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Recent Articles by Todd

  • Activities vs. Results
    How closely do Activities correlate with Results? What factors might affect a correlation between the two?
  • Making Excellence Automatic
    How do you develop consistently strong workplace performance in yourself or others?
  • Investing in Yourself
    Your employer is already investing in your training and development. How willing are you to invest in yourself?
  • Avoiding Burnout
    You feel like you're approaching burnout – what techniques might help avoid this?
  • Avoiding the Murky Middle
    What does “black and white” mean to you?
  • Are You Ripping, or Are You Weaving?
    What we believe influences what we do - yet do our beliefs align with those required to weave a societ aligned with God's will? 
  • Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan - and Communicate It, Too!
    You've probably heard the old saw, "Plan your work and work your plan." Sounds good - but wouldn't it be better if you communicated your plan, too? 
  • Work vs Power
    Tropical Storms Florence and Michael, while having similar rainfall, had one very significant difference. What was it, and how does it apply to business? 
  • You Can't Inventory Time
    You've heard of "time management" - but have you ever considered the issue of "inventorying time?"
  • Prime Time
    Where are you in your career or life? Have you hit your prime yet?
  • Bug Hunting
    When you come across a bug in an application, what's your reaction? Annoyance? Satisfaction? Something else?
  • Good Things Come In Small Packages
    You've likely heard the phrase, "Good things come in small packages." You might also wonder "How does that apply to books?"
  • Curious About Curiosity
    I invite you to be curious for a few minutes. Are you curious as to why? GOOD!
  • Making the Invisible Visible
    When you hire a consultant or other specialist and the deliverable is an intangible, how do you “see” what’s invisible?

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Todd Herman Associates is a business technology consulting firm focused on non-routine technology issues such as replacing QuickBooks, getting two systems to "talk" to each other, shrinking process cycle time, and taming large volumes of data.