Todd's Accountability Challenge

 Todd's Accountability Challenge


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"The Todd Herman Accountability Challenge was a wonderful experience!  

I highly recommend it to anyone serious about making a change - Todd provided a structured process and ongoing support to help me make my changes stick." 


What is Todd's Accountability Challenge? 

"Todd's Accountability Challenge" came about because my friend, Jillian Gibson, had become intrigued with my focus on Personal Accountability, and especially the insights I shared in my Intentional Reality series. I asked her if she would like to take a "trial run" of Todd's Results by making a public commitment and having her results posted publicly and permanently - on the Todd's Results page. 


The stakes?

•  Either "fame" for rising to the occasion and keeping her commitment,
•  or "shame" for slipping up in her pursuit of Personal Accountability.

Jillian thought for a moment, swallowed hard, and replied, "Yes, I'm up to the challenge. Let's do it!

How Do I Become A Challenger?

 If you would like to make a commitment to improve an aspect of your life, you are in the right place. Contact Todd's office at 336.297.4200 and set up an appointment to meet with Todd. You will have the opportunity to:

•  Discuss your goals with Todd and set up your personal challenge.

•  Complete the Accountability Agreement with your Accountability Partner.

•  Meet on a weekly basis with Todd discussing helpful strategies in achieving your goal.

•  Improve the order and success of your life. 

What are Good Examples for Challenges?

•  Maintaining a task list on a daily basis.

•  Setting yourself up to become partner at a firm.

Recent Challengers

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Anna Santos 




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Hollie Shelton



"The Todd Herman Accountability Challenge was a wonderful experience!  Todd offers a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Throughout the challenge, I found strengths and weaknesses within my daily work plan and overall career strategy.  Since completing the challenge, I have made many improvements, helping me become more efficient and effective in my position.   I highly recommend Todd's Accountability Challenge  to anyone serious about making a change - Todd provided a structured process and ongoing support to help me make my changes stick."


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Jillian Gibson



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