Personal Accountability Articles

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Personal Accountability Yields Personal Best
Achieving Your Personal Best Requires Holding Yourself Accountable!

How Not to Dread Your Performance Review
Todd talks about the typical performance review process, and how it can be improved.

How to Tell Whether You're Genuinely Growing
Measure your personal and professional growth last year, and learn how to grow more intentionally this year.

Getting Started: Why Change?
Are you having trouble beginning a new project or initiative? Find out why you need to get started now.

Pointing Fingers
Have you ever experienced finger pointing in your business? Learn the best way to handle and prevent it.

Change implies risk. Find out how Todd helped clients adapt and flourish.

Taking Stock
What is "personal success"? Hear what legendary basketball coach John Wooden says.

Tuesday, August 1, 1989, 4:00am
Read about Todd's decision to start his own firm and his experiences since then.

Latest Todd's Results

Read about Todd's last accountability check-in and what he learned from the 6 year program.

About Todd's Results

This monthly series is Todd's continuing journey of "Intentional Reality" through the process of personal accountability. What's at stake? Todd's BlackBerry.

Check back each month to find out if Todd met his accountability goals or if he had to give up his BlackBerry.