Todd's Results Chart and Blackberry - 2012
Learn the purpose behind the chart and the Blackberry.


Ah-Ha Moment – In March 2012, a conversation with a friend about my experience with "Todd's Results" sparked the idea for "Todd's Accountability Challenge" – an opportunity for folks to put personal accountability into practice for three months, with their results publicly posted on my web site, just as I do with "Todd's Results."

I announced this challenge near the end of my April 2012 e-Update, "Round Tuits and Akrasia," and launched it in mid-May on my April page of "Todd's Results." So far, two people have stepped forward to accept the challenge – and my goal is to add one new person a month.

For anyone considering the challenge, I describe the benefits to them:

  • Initially, I will work with them for about an hour to help think through and define their challenge. They will then commit it to paper and sign it – this document then becomes the basis for assessing their results.
  • Each week, on a 30 minute phone call, I will check in on their progress, provide support, and share some materials and thoughts tailored to each week of the challenge.
  • At the end, they will (likely) have completed their challenge successfully, developed some valuable new habits, and learned more about themselves and personal accountability.
  • They will have a lot of fun along the way!

Interestingly, the second person to take this challenge asked an unexpected question – "Todd, I understand what I'll get from this. I'm curious, – what's in it for you?" GREAT question!

I thought about the classic Learn-Do-Teach model and how it applied to my understanding of Personal Accountability:

  • Learn – I have been writing about my practice of Personal Accountability for several years in my "Intentional Reality" series – and each year has brought additional insights.
  • Do – I've been "doing" Personal Accountability through "Todd's Results" since January 2006. Thus, for over six years, I've been consistently applying what I've learned.
  • Teach – Now, "Todd's Accountability Challenge" FINALLY gives me the opportunity to help others learn and apply these techniques. As every teacher knows, teaching material to someone else also increases your understanding of the topic.

So, here are the benefits to me:

  • I will deepen – or begin – a relationship with a like-minded person.
  • As I develop materials to support the 13 weeks of the challenge, I will increase my understanding of that week's content.
  • As I explain the concepts in the weekly materials to the participants, I will obtain feedback on my materials AND I will learn more about that week's content in the process.
  • I will begin to develop my skills as a mentor.
  • I enjoy doing things like this!

What's In It For Me? Quite a lot, actually!


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