A strong relationship is the foundation of a leader. Learn how to build stronger relationships in your professional life.

Are You a "Client" or a "Customer"?

Many service providers will refer to the companies and persons they serve as "clients" instead of "customers." What's the difference? Does it make a difference?

"Culture" is a Verb

Redefining "The Hottest Topic in Business Today"

Todd describes his idea of how to develop "Free Range Staff" — Employees who can take an idea, develop and run with it with little or no supervision — as he reviews four books he uses to teach and develop his staff.

People, Personnel Management, Environment — Are these the key ingredients to a successful company? And how can a box of crayons help?

Can you clearly define the key components of your company's success? Losing sight of what works could cost your business its competitive edge.

How are people involved in aligning a business' key assets?

How a leader's leverage amplifies strengths — and magnifies weaknesses.

What is the value of feedback? To remove doubt about performance.

Find out the difference between what clients want, and what clients need in this quarterly report from Todd Herman Associates.

"Culture" is a Verb

Redefining "The Hottest Topic in Business Today"

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Todd's Recommended Business Books for 2016

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