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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Document Creation & Interfacing

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) sounds neat and orderly, especially since there are many standard documents readily available. The problem? The standards define certain conventions to use when exchanging information - and each company can populate its information as needed for transaction purposes. Tailoring the information this way can make it harder to interface a "standard" document from different customers, since each will have a slightly different implementation. An EDI Document Creation and Interfacing project addresses these issues.

Know the Signs

"I really need to get our EDI working - now!"

"Our largest contract is at risk because we can't support the customer's EDI Documents."

Benefits of an EDI Project

Faster - Faster processing over everyday transactions.

Save Time and Money - Less Time and Cost spent processing routine transactions.

Analysis Opportunities - Better quality and visibility of information.

EDI Case Study

Avoiding MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over)

Editorial: MEGO. You've experienced it — we all have. It sneaks up on you. What is it? How do you overcome it? Find out here.

Incorporating EDI Documents and Automated Processes into an ERP System

Incorporate your EDI and automated processes into an ERP system.

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