Evaluate & Measure

Evaluating your business can be just as hard as creating business. These are some useful articles to help evaluate your business's health.

Todd shares how important it is to have good information underlying your reports and analyses.

10 technology issues that need to be on your organization's tech priority list in 2015.

Read 25 timeless lessons based on Todd's 25 years in business.

Read the last four factors that Todd's best client's possess, and who Todd feels is his best client.

Ever wonder what makes a 'best client?' We will explain ours and give you an idea how to identify yours.

The focus you need that will lead to long-term growth in business and in life.

Todd's Top 10 lessons learned through 20 years of running a management consulting practice.

How quality, cost, and cycle time can be affected by the current economy.

Learn how to assess quality. It could lead you to more business.

"Culture" is a Verb

Redefining "The Hottest Topic in Business Today"

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New Skills Required - Life After a System Integration Project

You’ve made the decision – you’ve undertaken a system integration project to more tightly align People, Process, and Technology. What's your best bet to capitalize on a successful implementation?

Category: Improve Business

3Ways to Grow Your Bottom Line

Can three different clients, with three different needs, have the same overall goal? Absolutely!

Category: Improve Business

Breaking Up With Your Software!

Make Your Life Easier! Say "Good-bye" to Your Over-Dependence on Spreadsheets!

Category: Improve Business Think Differently

Combining Force and Finesse: Case Study - Applying Technology to Reduce Unbilled Charges

Sometimes, brute force gets a job done. Sometimes, a little finesse is all it takes. Other times, you need to combine the two to accomplish your goal! Take a look at this Case Study

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