Important Business Needs

Do you have important business needs that need a resolution now? Read through this list and see if there is already a fast solution to your needs.

Reduce Administrative Time

How CEO's can spend less time on administrative work in business

 Looking to be more productive by spending less time on administrative tasks? A process simplification & automation project can make this happen.

Solution: Process Simplification & Automation


Manage System Implementation

Failed to implement system? See how to implement your business system now.

Have you had to put off your software or system launch date for the third time? Let Todd Herman Associates make sure things stay on track.

Solution: System Implementation Management


Help Your Customer Facing Employees

How to help your customer-facing employee increase sales.

Are your customer facing employees important to business growth? Help them do their job better through a process simplificatoin & automation project.

Solution: Process Simplification & Automation


Pull Information from QuickBooks and Tracking System

How to pull info from Quickbooks and your business time tacking system.

Improve business efficiency by developing a report to pull information from Quickbooks and your time tracking system. 

Solution: Report Development


Getting an Objective View

Get an objective, non-partisan recommendation on the best system for your business.

You know you need a new system, but can't decide which one is best, let Todd Herman Associates provide a clear view of your best options.

Solution: System Review


Get Your EDI Working

How to get your electronic data interchange working immediately.

An Electronic Data Interchange is a huge technology boost for a business. Find out the valuable benefits it offers.

Solution: Electronic Data Interchange