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Sometimes Simpler is Better

August 2005

Todd Herman

Sometimes Simpler is Better — that is the moral of the story in our August e-update.

This application grew out of our own need to better serve our clients by having their key contact information always available — without having to haul around, open up, and restart our laptops. The idea was to draw information from our contact management database and push it to our BlackBerry devices. Once we showed this application to a client, they loved it — and had to have it for themselves.

While this BlackBerry application is simple, it has already furthered the "Wireless Addiction" (see "Wireless Addiction: A Business Fable") of several key groups at our client:

  • Executive Management loves that it helps leasing representatives propose, follow-up on, and close more deals.
  • Leasing Representatives love its simplicity and ease-of-use.
  • Information Systems loves its reliability in delivering automated updates.
  • Finance loves it being a cost-effective extension of their BlackBerry and business system platforms.

Read on to find out more! — and to consider whether you could benefit in the same ways as this client.

As always, I look forward to your feedback!

Sincerely yours,

Todd L. Herman

Todd L. Herman


A Case Study:

Using the BlackBerry Platform to Improve Tenant Service


A property development and management company needed to provide their leasing representatives with up-to-date tenant and property contact information, so that when opportunities arise or problems occur they can be quickly addressed by contacting the proper persons.


Tenant and property contact information is managed and updated using the central database on the corporate headquarters' business system. To have current and accurate information when needed, field representatives have to run and print a report, and then enter or update that data into paper-based, PDA, or cell phone address books.


A custom application leveraging the recent investment in BlackBerry Enterprise Server and Handheld devices to automatically "push" current contact information for tenants and properties to the leasing representative. Each day, new data — customized for each representative — is automatically sent from the server and stored on the BlackBerry Handheld, without user intervention. When a representative launches the application on their handheld, they are presented with a searchable list of tenants and properties.

Results & Benefits...

  • Leasing representatives always have the most current contact information for their tenants, automatically updated and wirelessly delivered to them daily.
  • Tenants are being better served because the leasing representatives can more proactively address issues affecting their tenants — for example, storm damage to a property.
  • By using the BlackBerry Handheld as a converged device for e-mail, calendar, data applications, and cellular phone, the leasing representatives have eliminated the need to carry multiple devices.
  • Leasing representatives who frequently travel have the most current information to present new opportunities for tenants, thereby increasing sales, presence, visibility, and the bottom line — all of which benefit both the tenant and our client.


Our client leveraged their BlackBerry and other business system technology investments to provide leasing representatives — who are often on the road — with information to better serve the needs of their tenants.

For More Information...

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Blackberry handheld device displaying contacts list
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Blackberry handheld device displaying contact name selected
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